MARVEL Contest of Champions APK

Developer: Kabam Version: 10.0.1 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

MARVEL Contest of Champions APK

August 20, 2016
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  • One of good fighting style game is MARVEL Contest of Champions APK 10.0.1. The most interesting part on this game is characters. If you are familiar with marvel movie and comic, you might know most of them. Basic concept is simple but some advancements that makes this game so attractive. Graphic and interface is user friendly. For smart phone, developer creates special design that could match in any device. Android users are very huge. They have potential and game is one of top download in apps store. For this game, you will experience exciting and enjoyable game with iconic character from marvel. To play this game, you should know some basic rule. Major characters are popular for player. After, you defeat several villains, game will add some characters. Player can get all ability, appearance, and technique that known at particular character. If you select spider-man, this character is similar with comic or movie. There is energy to indicate player fighting.

    This indicator will reduce while fighting. To keep winning, you must make enemy energy disappeared and maintain yours. There are several quests to improve player point and energy. This quest is complimentary to main game rule. You have to maintain winning score to get level up. The interesting part of this game is combo strike. One character can combine with others to do new power.

    With this kind of strategy, player can team up several characters. This game can change into RPG model. You will find other players and join into one team. This concept is similar with some renowned game. To attract more users, this game use recent 3D technology. Movement and special effect of this game are superb, even in smart phone. Android is very suitable to play this game. That is why MARVEL Contest of Champions for android is very popular.

    MARVEL Contest of Champions APK Features and Details for Android

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  • Latest Version MARVEL Contest of Champions APK 10.0.1

    • Earn prizes each day for logging in!
    • Legends Updates:
    • New Labyrinth of Legends quest-set and Legends Leaderboard put your skills to the test!
    • Alliance Quest Updates:
    • New Boss encounters, map improvements, and improved rewards.
    • Misc. Improvements:
    • View Champion’s abilities from Pre-Fight screen.
    • Leaderboard Region now shows your country.