ASTRO File Manager APK

Developer: Metago Version: Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

ASTRO File Manager APK

April 20, 2016
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  • The presence of ASTRO File Manager APK will never make your Android files cluttered anymore. It is the time for you to be better organized especially related to the files that you keep on phone. Both the internal storage and external storage can be managed properly with it. It comes to the hand of the users with so many special impressions. The first aspect that is said to be interesting is located on the presence of its user interface. You will see the clear, clean and intuitive appearance from the app. It makes the user are easier in checking, organizing and even managing files on all storage area. It is no matter if you place your files anywhere in phone. With this file manager, you will be able to found the files that you look for in a second.

    It is also capable to reach the files that are not stored in your physical phone storage such as the Google Drive, Facebook, Drop box, PC, Mac and many other places. Along they are connected through the network; you will be able to explore them easily. It is also possible for you to move the files between cloud storage as easy as the conventional copy-paste method. The app is now also supporting the Marshmallow android version so it can be used for the newest android device that you have.

    The other features that will be included on the file manager are also useful. They are the presence of the Task Killer, a feature that will kill your useless app for better and longer battery life. The presence of Astro file manager backup is also carefully keep your files from losing or deleted. It is the dreamed file managers that are hoping by the android users. With ASTRO File Manager for Android everything made easy and more comfortable.

    ASTRO File Manager APK Features and Details for Android

    • Explore your Android device, SD card and cloud storage for that photo or song. With ASTRO’s CLOUD HOPPING (TM), you can move files between cloud storage with a single click.
    • The best file search and file exploring experience in areas with spotty or slow network coverage.
    • Task Killer can kill tasks or processes that burn battery life.
    • Backup can easily backup apps in case you lose or change phones.
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  • Latest Version ASTRO File Manager APK

    • Fixed bug crashing Russian translation