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Developer: Devian Studio Version: 2.2.9 (675) Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

TubeMate APK

December 12, 2016
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  • TubeMate APK 2.2.9 (675) is mobile application that lets user download video from Youtube just with few simple steps. It enables user to browse videos from Youtube and make them downloadable. It is very popular among Youtube user because it is one of few applications that does work in downloading video. Many applications claim to be able to download video in Android phone but most of the time it does not work. TubeMate is developed by Devian Studio and is a free Android application so you can get or descargar for free. Some Android users use this application in their phone. By using TubeMate 2.2.9 (675) as video downloader and also browser, especially for Youtube, the Android users will get several benefits. The first one, this application helps them to look for any kinds of video that they like. They only need to open the app in their smartphone and type the keyword of video that they look for. Besides that, this application helps them to get any video in easy way. There is a special button for download video. So, it will be something easy, downloading video from Youtube with this app. It is lightweight and easy to use with simple interface. It is not a kind of video downloader that only lets user download from Youtube link. In fact, it is like Youtube with download option available. Another great feature is it can also save mp3 file from a video, which is very convenient if users want to save a good song that they have heard from video. The interface YouTube downloader is simple with mostly black and white background. It provides different option of quality. The option will depend on the quality of the uploaded Youtube video. For example, if the video is HD up to 1080 resolution, quality option will up to HD 1080 resolution, but if the source video is poor in quality, the quality option will also be limited.

    How to use TubeMate APK

    1. The first thing to do is by installing it first. Run the installation from downloaded file.
    2. After the app is installed, run the application.
    3. Browse through video that you want to get.
    4. In the video window there are two popup options, Download and Watch. Since the goal is to get, simply click the green arrow button and get the video.

    The set format is Mp4. To save mp3 file from a browsed video, click the option “Download as Mp3” in quality option after clicking the green arrow. TubeMate Youtube downloader is a good thing when it comes in downloading video, but apparently it does not apply to the audio option. The quality of the audio depends on quality of video. Unfortunately, most of the time the downloaded audio from the app only comes like song preview.

    Unlike video options, the audio does not have option to select the quality. It is probably because the download as mp3 option is just an additional feature to satisfy the users. In downloading HD video, a separate Mp3 converter is needed, which means users have to install another application. This seems a little bit inconvenient but apparently is the only way to get both best video and audio quality that latest TubeMate can provide to the users. Regardless of that, it is still a great offline content utility.

    Another feature of the download option is the option to pause or resume the process. For Android user who only use data connection, these options are very convenient in case of poor signal or low data speed. Therefore, if the file is too heavy, users can pause it for a while and continue it in the next time to save data charge. The paused video will not restart. Instead, the process is going resumed again to complete. The process capable in either window downloading right while the app is open or background downloading when the window is closed but the application is still running. The section of the downloading file and the downloaded file is separated, thus users will not mix up the not completed download with the completed as well as ability to watch directly the downloaded video by clicking it in the downloaded section. TubeMate for Android can be combined with mp3 converter application to download HD resolution video. It can also get from other sites like Vimeo or Dailymotion. The overall options make it one of the best video downloader application.

    There are some things that developer needs to further perfected this application. Many users complain about its frequent crashes while TubeMate is getting the video. The audio in mp3 option is listenable but not worth keeping for a long time due to its average to low quality. Sometimes the video cannot be downloaded either because of copyright, data, or the application itself. The application also fragile when it comes to network stability. A video may failed to get downloades because of minor poor signal for a while. It is very difficult to browse and download video in 2G network.

    However, it is understandable since in Youtube application itself, the buffer process will also be hopeless in 2G network, much less in an indirect streamer like TubeMate. WiFi or at least 3G connection is needed when users want to browse and download video. It unavailability in Google Play Store actually is very understandable. So, we hope we can help you to bring the apk in all version for you. We think it is the best Youtube Downloader Apps for Android with all features which we mentioned above. There are many apps and this one still life and works great to get video on your Android. The developer gives update, fixes bugs and still develop this app so it still life until now. Overall, Tubemate Youtube Downloader is the best app to help you to save video easily.

    TubeMate APK Features and Details for Android

    • Search, view, and download YouTube videos
    • Convert videos to MP3s
    • Download videos without interrupting your current activity
    • Share videos via e-mail or Twitter
    • Access your favorite YouTube videos on the go
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  • Latest Version TubeMate APK 2.2.9 (675)

    • 4k, 2k, 720p 60fps (webm) support.