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Developer: KingRoot Studio Version: 4.9.6 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

KingRoot APK

December 12, 2016
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  • The latest version KingRoot APK 4.9.6 has been released, it is application to root Android device. Many who want to further customize their Android devices often root their devices to get wider access in personalizing their phones. In other words, rooting gives golden ticket to further access the rich features of this Linux based operating system. The advantage of rooting is rich customization and free to access everything in phone that once been limited. That is why application like KingRoot is very popular among Android users. It is a one-click easy to root Android and is developed by Kingroot studio. The latest update has fixed many bugs and logic implementation in several manufacturer, making this app an universal root tool. It can support device’s manufacturers from Samsung devices, HTC devices, Google/Nexus devices, Sony devices, LG devices, ZTE devices and Huawei devices. It can run in Gingerbread, JellyBean, KitKat, to the latest Lollipop and perhaps for Marshmallow in the later. It comes with user-friendly interface and intuitive menu that is easy to understand even for those who are new in root department. It is a powerful root tools with many options, thus, even though it looks simple on the surface, users will need to be careful not to damage the device and making device experience bootloop (bootloop usually affects troubled rooted device). There are many options available in executing root and KimgRoot has to be accompanied by several other apps. First is SU binary. SU binary is very important, it has the binary which is needed to be installed in System directory. The second app needed is King User. King User is KingRoot to manage the permissions issue on device. King User can also be used to remove system applications or disable auto start of application. The third tools needed in rooting device is King Master. King Master will improve performance by archiving notifications and automatic hibernation.

    Tutorial How to Root using KingRoot APK

    1. To begin using this app, user needs to download or descargar it first. Install the application on the Android.
    2. The next step is to open the app.
    3. In the application, there is one button to grant permission for rooting and a graphic showing the progress of rooting. Before clicking the root button, make sure the manufacturer and operating system is supported by KingRoot.
    4. Open System Setting and enable Device Administration by unknown source. After that, click the ‘Try to Root’ button in the bottom of the app. The rooting process will take time for a while, thus, make sure the battery level should be at least 20 percent. The device may reboot, and it is very common in rooting process.
    5. After the rooting is finished, application will show success message on the screen. Then, restart to save and apply the change.

    The advantages of KingRoot for Android as the root tool is that it does not cause memory loss. All data are save after rooting. It will not affect all data like contacts, pictures, music, and videos. It is very important user to enable Device Administration, otherwise, the application will not run due to the security layer run by System Administrator. To root directly from phone, the devices manufacturer should be supported. Unsupported device will get message to install KingRoot in PC and root from PC instead. Keep in mind that the three applications mentioned above; SU binary, King User, and King Master should be installed first. After the rooting process, King Master can be uninstalled, but King User cannot be uninstalled since it will unroot again. King Master comes in Chinese only and may be difficult for non-Chinese users to understand. However, the app can be replaced with the much popular SuperSU after the rooting process is complete. Sometimes a device which cannot bear the root process, or has software problem beforehand may experience bootloop. When bootloop happens, a device needs to be flashed. When a device is flashed, all data will lost unless users install a recovery tool. Seeing this, users should be very careful before rooting or device will end up in a mess.

    KingRoot is also available for PC. The PC version is for devices that are not supported . Recently, it has update an ability to root Sony devices after failed attempt on device to the logic implementation issue and Sony complicated security layer. After rooting, device can be customized by users. Users will have access to remove unremovable bloatware from manufacturer, customize the look of the device like the status bar and notification drop down menu. Users can also do memory partitions to manage memory, which is very beneficial for devices with low memory. Basically, rooting Android is like opening the gate to further explore the operating system, just like Jailbreak in Apple device. For Google or Nexus device which directly supervised by Google, rooting the phone will lose access for device to get software update using OTA since rooting violates the Google policy and security in Google devices.

    Keep in mind that rooting Android with any tool, including KingRoot will cause Warranty voids. Users will not be able to claim warranty since rooting violates the agreement in the warranty policy. Therefore, for new bought device, it is advisable not to root it first as to not lose the warranty in case there is something needs to be fixed from the device. Users are also recommended to search information about rooting advantages and disadvantages, especially when using this root tools. The fact that users can just root the devices in one click makes this application a great one since rooting needs different parameters depend on the chipset and additional security layer by manufacturer. Overall, KingRoot for Android is a one-click root tools that support many devices and is simple to use, making it the universal root tool for Android.

    KingRoot APK Features and Details for Android

    • Obtain superuser privileges. By having rights SuperUser, you can do anything on Android, such as Custom ROM, edit android system and many others.
    • You can Improve Performance Android.
    • Can move applications from internal memory to SDCard. This is done when you have an android that has a small internal memory. To move an application to SDCard can use applications called Link2SD or Gemini App Manager and Application requires superuser rights.
    • You become more Knowing about the Inside Android.
    • Can install applications that require SuperUser Rights.
    • Can remove the factory default application is not important which cause the batteries run out quickly.
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  • Latest Version KingRoot APK 4.9.6

    • Bug fixes