Bike Unchained APK

Developer: Red Bull Version: 1.16 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Bike Unchained APK

July 12, 2016
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  • One of the best two-wheeled games is Bike Unchained APK 1.16. This game puts bike sport concept into exciting touchscreen mode control. Developer creates this game to make people enjoy riding on vary trails. If you want to experience thrilling downhill at popular spot, this game will fulfil your desire. As sport game, there are famous bikers from around the world so player can choose it as character. This game has been downloaded more than millions times in renown application store. Graphic and visual are attractive and you can see them in smartphone directly. Beside them, people like this game for trails that come from many interesting spots. To play this game, you should know several instructions. In touchscreen mode, you use tap to start cycling on certain area. To add more speed, player can hold it for moment then bicycle will go faster. Every trail has specific obstacle such as stones, river, pebbles, etc.

    Those obstacles make player to focus on cycling and control pedal. As you can see, this game is simple but still attractive enough to keep you on screen for long time. To avoid collision, player has to control bike carefully into several directions to keep balance. Another interesting part is competition between players to others. Android users grow exponentially so there are many players out there as your competitor.

    You can use internet connection to synchronize this game and choose which other players to put into competition. Critics praise this game as the most thrilling sport game to play at home. You might find difficulty at first time because using touchscreen as steering is not easy task. Player will get used to it after some trials and the next thing he gets is enjoyable game. Bike Unchained for android is the best game to play in everywhere.

    Bike Unchained APK Features and Details for Android

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  • Latest Version Bike Unchained APK 1.16

    • New: Live events with Seasonal Leaderboards.
    • Play Special Events to rank yourself against Friends and the rest of the World in the Special Event Leaderboards.
    • RED BULL RAMPAGE is here! Our biggest update yet! Get ready to ride your Specialized bike in the most epic mountain bike race in the world. Set against the backdrop of southern Utah, new tracks are ready for you to make a run filled with flips and gnarly lines.
    • 9 brand new tracks
    • 2 new pro riders – Jill Kintner & Darren Barrecloth