Blade Waltz APK

Developer: Netmarble Games Version: 1.7.1 Requirement: 3.0 and up Price: Free

Blade Waltz APK

May 3, 2016
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  • The fastest mobile gaming company Netmable Game Corp announces Blade Waltz APK 1.7.1 in November 2015. 153 countries are available to get the game. It also supports 16 languages. The game was designed as the action RPG to set the players’ experiences to the whole new level. The President of Netmarble Overseas, Seungwon Lee, was excited to bring the game to the Western audience. Blade Waltz pulls players into the world of Elem. The characters’ costumes can be customized by the players. They can also select the themed based 3D customs, such as Anime, SciFi, and Fantasy. With Boss Raid, Material Dungeon, Tag Team Battles, and PvP, Blade Waltz delivers the nonstop action. The game’s true highlight is the Tag Team Battle. Players can tag team between three characters and switch their weapons in the middle of the combat.

    The online action RPG presents the players their unique weapons and fighting style. You can upgrade the characters’ weapon and equipment to be better at fighting powerful bosses. Use their abilities to defeat monster and explore wild lands or wide dungeon. The three unique characters that the players can choose are Starfell (the strong swordsman), Gordon (the daring and damaging), and Ellie (the bounty hunter). Polygon Games Co., Ltd as the developer sets Blade Waltz as the free game.

    However, to get some premium weapons and equipment, player may purchase in-game items. Some players said that Blade Waltz has a good graphic, fun gameplay, especially when changing the character while playing and summon ally. They also said that this game is equivalent to another heavy action RPG in another platform. However, some of players also get the problems such as error while purchasing the items, or their phone keep crashing. If you still curious about the game, you are free to download Blade Waltz for Android.

    Blade Waltz APK Features and Details for Android

    • A True, Action RPG
    • Dominate enemies with 3 unique skill sets using the Tag Battle system!
    • Don’t throw away your old gear, EVER!
    • Epic Combos and Finishes
    • Strong cinematic storytelling with a dramatic finale!
    • Shortage isn’t in our vocabulary!
    Blade Waltz Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Blade Waltz APK 1.7.1

    • New content! Probe update!
    • New region! ACT 8 available!
    • The dates for the Attendance system have been changed
    • New Weekly/Monthly Missions and new Achievements added
    • Help feature added
    • New packages added
    • Some skill descriptions were changed
    • Premium Quality Change Ticket added
    • Miscellaneous improvements made and bugs fixed