Cooking Mama APK

Developer: Office Create Corp Version: 1.0.5 Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle APK

July 24, 2016
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  • Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle APK 1.0.5 is good game for people who want to know about cooking and kitchen. Its Android version might new because developer wants to get more players from various platforms. First version on this game was available in classic console device. Back then; this game is popular for kids and girls. Flashy color is what makes kid like to play. Moreover, this game is simple and does not need complicated instruction. Several years later, many versions are released alongside some spin-off games. In spite of pink color and female character, this game is for everyone. Of course, girl and kid are the main target. To play this game, you will select certain recipe. Basic mode of the game contains few recipes to start. Each of recipes requires particular cooking skill. Player has to master how to use knife properly to peel the potato or cut vegetables.

    This game looks simple but need full focus because the touchscreen mode is different from console. After several practice, player is able to control it properly. Focus on this game is how to make dishes that satisfy Papa. It is male character to judge Mama Dishes. Player will receive high point when the dishes are delicious. It is very straightforward game. On screen, player will see the sign to guide what to do. Swipe through that sign until you reach certain part. To improve skill, player can spend money to buy recipe.

    Combine one recipe to others then make new dishes. Keep in mind that combination is applicable for purchasing recipe. Free one might not eligible because player only makes two same cooking at the same time. This game has been downloaded more than twenty millions times. It shows solid proof that COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook for Android is very popular. The graphic and design are attractive and beautiful. In short, COOKING MAMA Let’s Cook for Android is pleasurable game to play anytime.

    Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle APK Features and Details for Android

    • Fun! Simple! Cooking puzzle action!
    • Puzzles for beginners to experts!
    • Prepare dishes with fun puzzle action, and make your shops a success!
    Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Cooking Mama Let’s Cook Puzzle APK 1.0.5

    • New types of Foo-Don Shops are now available!
    • Foo-Dons with new skills have been added!
    • Minor bugs fixed.