Criminal Case APK

Developer: Pretty Simple Version: 2.12 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Criminal Case APK

July 28, 2016
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  • Recently, one of the prominent games is Criminal Case APK 2.12. Detective theme on game attracts millions users. It is very challenging and need more than simple task. This game has mobile version to accommodate more users. As one of the biggest portion on mobile operating system, android users are targeted market for game developer. From simple game to complicate like this one will succeed as leading mobile game. Criminal and detective is interesting topic on real world. People always want to know about cases. How does detective or police solve that case? With much curiosity on public, developer sees demanding field for detective or criminal based game. To play this game you have to install it in your android smart phone. It is different with others detective game. As player, you will get assignment in fictional police department. You have overcome many cases. Using interactive interface, user just touch or slide to receive clues. After you obtain data and clues, criminal profile is formed.

    This game makes users to use popular deductive method that is familiar in criminal case. Player does not only use data gathering but also some technique in criminal assessment. There are interrogating suspect and autopsies. You will become real detective and use critical thinking to perform difficult task. After many cases have been solved, player earns points and stars.

    Beside main assignment, you can get additional puzzle and obtain more point. Every data and clues that have been solved would raise your level. On basic level, players should overcome certain cases. After that, this game provides more difficult and broad cases. It is like job promotion. You career as detective start from low level as local police then into international based department. Criminal Case for android earns good reputation as top detective game on mobile phone. User interface, game graphic, and plot are the reasons why this game receives award.

    Criminal Case APK Features and Details for Android

    • Investigate crime scenes in a grim and corrupt city
    • Play with your friends to be the best detective ever
    • Examine clues and analyze samples to look for evidence
    • Interrogate witnesses and suspects
    • Bring the killer to justice
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  • Latest Version Criminal Case APK 2.12

    • Bug fixes