Cut the Rope 2 APK

Developer: ZeptoLab Version: 1.6.8 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Cut the Rope 2 APK

July 5, 2016
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  • If you feel bored, you might try the fun and addictive game, Cut the Rope 2 APK 1.6.8 for Android. This game is the sequel of its first original version. Like its predecessor, the main character of this game is Om Nom. It is a green quadruped with snaggle-toothed that looks like a crossing of a crab apple and alligator. You have to feed it with a candy that is tied to the rope. There are some challenges you need to solve in order to cut the rope and deliver the candy to Om Nom. Since this sequel game is the second version, it must be created with more challenging level and some new improvements. If you have ever played the first version of Cut the Rope, you must know that Om Nom can only stay in one place to wait the candy. However, the second version is different because it even can be chucked and swung.

    Then, you need perfect timing to meet the two component of Om Nom and the candy in the mid-air. It is such a good inversion from the setup of original game that need more effort and strategy for you to tackle the game. Furthermore, there are also some new characters that have role as helpers. One of them is a small done helicopter. It can be used to pick up and drop some moveable objects, including Om Nom and the candy from one place to the others.

    Besides, the helper characters can multiple when you tap it and create the towers that are able to be put and toppled. However, you have to not only feed On Nom with the candy, but also capture the starts as the requirement to pass through all levels. Moreover, there are still many features you can try to complete and finish the game of Cut the Rope 2 for Android.

    Cut the Rope 2 APK Features and Details for Android

    • ALL NEW LOCATIONS TO EXPLORE! Travel through an interactive map to discover new locations filled with candy collecting, rope cutting action.
    • ALL NEW CHARACTERS TO MEET! Find 7 new characters, the Nommies, to help you on your unexpected journey.
    • ALL NEW HATS TO BRAG ABOUT! Customize Om Nom, choose your favorite candy and select your finger traces.
    • ALL NEW ADVENTURES FOR OM NOM! Experience completely new graphics, sound and gameplay elements, including the ability to move Om Nom.
    • ALL NEW MISSIONS! Collect the perfect number of stars and strategically gather fruit to complete the mission in each level.
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  • Latest Version Cut the Rope 2 APK 1.6.8

    • Trained Roto so he can carry more weight.