Empire Four Kingdoms APK

Developer: Goodgame Studios Version: 1.32.92 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Empire: Four Kingdoms APK

August 16, 2016
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  • Lineup of strategy game is become tighter since Empire: Four Kingdoms APK 1.32.92 is up in the market. This is an awesome game that will contain epic battles followed by the amazing victories. In each of the battle, there will be powerful alliances exists. The thing that makes this game attractive is the presence of thousands player who play the game in the same time. The game feels more real because there is an interactive world map to use. It is the time for you as a king to make the mighty fortress and also determine the future of your own kingdom. There is lot of aim in playing this game. The most basic aim is to find and conquer the other lands that are already acquired by the other kingdom. It can be done by using the army well, give the troops with various deadly weapons and so on.

    Once you feel that the team is completed, send them into the battle. Besides improving the power of attack, you will also need to consider putting the strength for kingdom’s defense. There are bunch of strategies such as by sending terror to your enemy kingdom. Once you win the battle, the aim of conquering new lands will be achieved. More than just a land, you can also get the glory, honor and even become richer.

    It can be collected not only from the war, but the proper kingdom management can also be the way as well. Trading with the other players is also allowed to give you benefits each other. While collecting the glory, you can even build a very beautiful castle for better defense. To improve the troops, put some better knights, swordsmen and even archers to the team of your Empire: Four Kingdoms for Android for better winning.

    Empire: Four Kingdoms APK Features and Details for Android

    • Fight epic battles against countless other players on the interactive world map
    • Build a majestic castle to withstand even your strongest opponents
    • Raise an army of knights, archers, swordsmen, and more
    • Form an unbeatable alliance with your friends and other powerful players
    • Produce and trade resources to construct more than 60 different buildings
    • Regular updates with new content and challenges
    • Quick and easy support in your language
    • Explore the four kingdoms now and become a legend!
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  • Latest Version Empire: Four Kingdoms APK 1.32.92

    • Time skips can range from one minute to 24 hours!
    • A tidy house, a tidy mind! When logging in again after getting some fancy rewards, you will now be able to see them all in one single window that will display which rewards come from which event.”