Google Play Store APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 6.9.15.G-all Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Google Play Store APK

December 12, 2016
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  • Since inception, Google Play Store APK 6.9.15.G-all has been major apps distribution for androids user. People can get everything here. Apps, music, movies, and books are several services from this store. Google consolidates store to accommodate what user’s needs. New service such as newsstand and game are some advancement in this store. To access Google Play Store, you can go via smartphone or other device. Android is the biggest mobile operating system so using integrated app is preferable. However, Google expands this store accessibility to others platform, though android is still primary system. You can get contents in this store free of charge or at a cost. This store is popular with games and applications. As android user, you can download many interesting games. Most of them are smartphone-based version. Some of them can played online so player connects to others. To avoid piracy, this store has certain rule and regulation to developer and users.

    Applications on this store are safe because they had trough strictly screening. As the store growing, music and books become new service. You can get many books with various genre. Books are in digital form. You could read them in mobile device. If you are new in this store, Google offers some free books to try. Before buying, customers should see book sample. Demand for streaming music creates new market.

    This store gives many kind of music service. Users can listen directly and save their playlist on cloud. Paid on demand streaming provide more accessibility to music catalogue. In addition to paid service, you can buy songs and save them offline. Another interesting service is movies. All of movies in store can be seen online. You should have good internet connection before rent or buy them. The last service is newsstand. It combines magazine and newspaper to give more information. Google Play Store for android changes the way people interact and communicate.

    Google Play Store APK Features and Details for Android

    • Official apps market for Android
    • Many apps and games
    • Android integration
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  • Latest Version Google Play Store APK 6.9.15.G-all

    • Bug fixes