Hungry Shark World APK

Developer: Ubisoft Entertainment Version: 1.3.0 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Hungry Shark World APK

December 12, 2016
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  • If you fear something, Hungry Shark World APK 1.3.0 will turn you into the fear itself. Many people are afraid of sharks, and so might you be. However, this exciting game for your Android device will make you feel the feeling of being a shark. While it may sound terrifying and complicated, this game will dish out the fun experience of playing as a shark. As a Hungry Shark, it is your duty to devour every edible thing in front of you. After the goal is set, it’s time to take over the whole world! But then, the question remains: How, exactly? Take part as one of 17 species of sharks around the world and explore the world beneath the surface. As you travel underwater, you will hunt every creature that gets in your way and dominate the area.

    This fun aquatic adventure will also toss you in constant battles against bigger foes such as giant fishes and boats on the surface. Of course, the game is not as simple as ‘eat everything in front of you’. Many strategies, rules, and bonuses will either support you or get in the way of the world domination. Jumping out of the water, attacking the boat on the surface, and even equipping your shark with a rocket engine are now extremely possible. As an arcade game, Hungry Shark World really gives you tons of fun.

    Its 3D graphics will keep you entertained as you swallow many obstacles that get in your way. Moreover, you can play as one of many famous shark types around the world such as the agile Hammerhead or even the nightmare of every ocean traveller: The Great White. With many gameplay variations and unique missions and stages, you will bring yourself closer to the domination of the whole world. Take note that Hungry Shark World for Android will only work on devices with Android 4.2 Jelly Bean.

    Hungry Shark World APK Features and Details for Android

    • Console quality, 3D graphics
    • 17 shark species in 7 different size tiers to collect. Play as sharks spanning the nimble Hammerhead shark, up to the iconic Great White Shark!
    • Rise through the ranks of the food chain and level up your jawsome pal to bite harder, swim faster and grow HUNGRY…er!
    • 3 beautiful, huge free-roaming worlds to explore: Pacific Island, a lush, sun-drenched tourist hot spot. Arctic Ocean, a frozen wasteland, home to a secret military base and heavily guarded testing facility. And the Arabian Sea, a rich and vibrant, if not, industrial landscape.
    • 20 different mission types to master including high scores, specific prey hunts and survival!
    • Much more
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  • Latest Version Hungry Shark World APK 1.3.0

    • Play as the NEW Killer Whale, now available as part of the ‘!!’ Tier!
    • Exciting Daily Contests and exclusive prizes, stay tuned for further details!
    • Tonnes of bug fixes and optimisations to make chomping a lot faster.