Magic Rush: Heroes APK

Developer: Elex Version: 1.1.84 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Magic Rush: Heroes APK

August 23, 2016
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  • Genres of role playing mobile game are getting crowded by the launch of Magic Rush: Heroes APK 1.1.84. This is an awesome game which is released with a lot of features inside. It does not only used to amuse the player through all of the awesome graphic quality. Magic rush heroes apk is also developed based on many addictive aspects that are mostly needed by the gamers when they are choosing the best game to play. The specialty that is only available in this came is all about the presence of its revolutionary technology in combining multiple game purpose in single role play. It begins with the presence of a thrilling, skill-aiming control, the presence of exciting multiplayer battle and also a real-time PVP Ladder Tourney Mode. One of the most impressive things from this game mode is the presence of World Map in the multiplayer mode. You can select any area in the world as you wish.

    Although it is only in the game, it will raise the feel and the sensation in playing the game in specific country areas. As one of the extraordinary game, Magic Rush: Heroes is very valuable to be played both for beginner and pro. Beside the presence of various modes, you can select the war strategy mode to improve your playing management skill. It is a mode where you need to build your own city and also improving all the elements inside.

    Every point that you will get can be used to upgrade things that are placed in city. You can even use the other mode such as tower defense. It will allow you to combine the heroes with the other map creations in order to hold spacious battles. You do not need to worry about losing updates from Magic Rush: Heroes for android because it will always have a full support and newer version from its developer.

    Magic Rush: Heroes APK Features and Details for Android

    • Summon Powerful Attacks With Skill-Aiming
    • Hero Training Powers You Up to Defend the Kingdom
    • PvP Games in the Ladder Tourney
    • War Strategy and RTS Gameplay
    • Hero Tower Defense Combines Your Favorite Strategy Genres
    Magic Rush: Heroes Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Magic Rush: Heroes APK 1.1.84

    • Alliance Turf
    • Captain Skill Changes
    • Players at VIP8 and above will now have a chance of getting discounts for two random runes when refreshing the Market, Black Market, or Mystery Market.
    • Plaers can now use different airships on the World Map that come with their own special abilities.
    • Replaced the Arena Cooldown Clock items in VIP packs.
    • Added 1 map to War Guardian.
    • Removed Gorgana from the Time Traveler shop.