Mobile Strike APK

Developer: Epic War Version: 3.16.140 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Mobile Strike APK

August 16, 2016
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  • Mobile Strike APK 3.16.140 is a game for you who love to use tactic and strategy in playing a game. Playing strategic game can really stimulate your brain to think harder and become more creative. Nevertheless, this game is addictive enough, so you might spend couple hours with your gadget to play it. Mobile Strike is a game about building army and attack the enemy to defend your base. This game fits to play in tablet or any other gadget with wide screen to see everything clearly. Then, how to play it and what features in this game? You should know about the famous actor Arnold Schwarzenegger who mostly roles as a hero in action movie. Then, you also can see him as a hero in this game. Therefore, it might be really exciting because of the presence of him. In this modern war game, you have two main duties. They are building internal construction and making strategy for external destruction.

    During the game, what you will do is building construction, research, troop training, and resource gathering. To upgrade your weapons, buildings, and the troops, you must find the resource of food, iron, gold, and many more. Moreover, there are some missions you must complete. They are divided into several different categories: daily missions, base missions, VIP missions, and Alliance missions. It becomes addictive when you are successful to complete one mission and try to complete the other ones.

    Furthermore, you also will get some items when the mission has been completed. The items are also available in some kinds. There are speeds up, crates, special, war, and resources. The items are really helpful and able to support your life in this game. If you become more excited, then let’s go to Play Store and download Mobile Strike for android.

    Mobile Strike APK Features and Details for Android

    • Join with millions of players from around the world
    • Forge powerful alliances with elite players against formidable enemies
    • Build and customize your base
    • Engage with rogue war machines on the battlefield to collect items and experience
    • Train, level up and supply your commander with superior firepower
    • Use modern combat vehicles, artillery, and strategic units
    • Command 4 military tiers consisting of 16 troop types
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  • Latest Version Mobile Strike APK 3.16.140

    • As the world’s preeminent military MMO, Mobile Strike continues to offer the most original and hardcore content on the market. Don’t miss out on the most recent additions – LOG IN NOW to check out the LATEST UPDATES!