Developer: 2K Games, Inc. Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free


July 28, 2016
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  • MyNBA2K16 APK is a video game which adapted by basketball game. As everybody knows, there are many adapted video game from the real sport like football, golf, bowling, even basketball. This game is produced by 2K Games Incorporation. Since the basketball popularity, this game is becoming one of the most popular sport games nowadays. It is free for you to get it, but your android operating system must be at 2.3 version or more. It is better if you use upper operating system since it will run smoothly. Go to Google Play Store and type in the keyword. Choose the application and start to download it. It won’t consume your storage because the size is not that big. This game is approximately 222 megabyte. Using Wi-Fi is the best possible way to save your internet quota. It may take times to download it, but it will be worth.

    The graphic quality, clear sound, and fewer bugs will give you comfortable feeling while playing on it. There are many features you can use in this game; Quick Game, new Economy, Card Improvement, Expanded Social Features, and Auction House. Each feature will give you many advantages that will support for your winning. Card improvements will give the abilities to choose new players, take bonus card, do card customization, etc. Quick game takes faster game to be finished.

    Even it is fast game; you will get many bonuses on this feature. Auction game allows you to join in auction and even buy and sell the players. New economy feature can be reached by selling cards and you will get the reward points. The more points you reached, the stronger you will be. Some feature can be used in offline, but the other one need internet connection. Enjoy and feel the sensation to be the professional basketball players through MyNBA2K16 for Android.

    MyNBA2K16 APK Features and Details for Android

    • Card Improvements – New NBA players, Bonus Player cards, card customization, specialty bonuses, enhancement rarities, level-up options to train cards faster, and much more
    • Quick Game – New 2 card match-ups, more animations, and faster gameplay
    • Auction House – Auction watching and opportunities for exclusives
    • New Economy – Earn Reward Points (RP) daily via short and long term tasks and selling cards to the vendor for guaranteed RP.
    • Expanded Social Features – Ability to friend social media and in-game contacts and chat with in-game features
    MyNBA2K16 Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version MyNBA2K16 APK

    • This update fixes the bug with new cards where they could not be improved, quick sold, or placed on the Auction House. All cards in your inventory previously in that state are fixed with this update.