Spellbinders APK

Developer: Kiloo Version: 1.3.0 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Spellbinders APK

July 3, 2016
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  • Here is Spellbinders APK 1.3.0, a raging game for your highly spirited Android device. As a game from a famous Android game developer, it is a giant, epic game—please takes this one literally. Since the dawn of time, Titans around the world has been constantly fighting to take over the fame and glory of the whole world. The game puts you as a Spellbinder, a person who controls the whole battlefield. Select and make your enraging Titan the leader of an army who will be more than ready to take down any foe. The never ending struggle continues, and you are the one who will decide the destination of the endless battles. While this game is similar to many defense tactic games, it takes the gameplay to the next level.

    As your whole troop charges forward to take down the enemy’s base, the Spellbinder will make the whole tactic and dish out the opponents with many dangerous and diverse spells. The deep and diverse gameplay will demand you to master your own fighting style, rewarding you with plenty of skills to utilize. Furthermore, you can customize the Titan, who acts as the leader of the whole army, and you can also change the minions in different aspects. Unlocking the ability will enable you to demolish the foes easier with the help of a branching ability tree.

    Moreover, it is a short game and suitable for you to kill some time. However, it is nonetheless challenging and fun to play. One of its best features is the weekly leagues, which tackles you in a fight against many other online players all around the internet. As you reach your way to the champion title, many customizations and rewards will be gained. For an important note, Spellbinders for Android is a game that requires online connection to be able to function as a whole.

    Spellbinders APK Features and Details for Android

    • MOBA made for mobile: Short and intense strategy bursts in real-time
    • Battle with an ever-expanding roster of mighty Titans
    • Command an army of minions and game-changing sorcery
    • Dive into deceptively deep gameplay that rewards practice and tactical skill
    • Climb the ranks in the weekly leagues and take home the grand trophy
    Spellbinders Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Spellbinders APK 1.3.0

    • All ancient units are now free to use in battles!
    • New Ancient Unit!
    • The Hydra grows an extra head each time it deals a killing blow!
    • New Skin for Scraps!
    • Check out the new skin for Scraps: Hot Rod!