Firefox Version Histories

We have mirrored versions of Firefox APK files. It will help you to upgrade or downgrade Firefox easily.

Firefox APK 48.0 has been downloaded more than 100 million users. This browser provides three benefits. Besides capable of surfing to internet faster, it is also provides privacy to your browsing. Moreover, it is free to download. It does not require…

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Here is available versions:

  1. Latest version: Firefox APK 48.0 (Updated: August 3, 2016)
  2. Firefox 47.0 APK Android (Updated: August 3, 2016)
  3. Firefox 46.0.1 APK Android (Updated: June 8, 2016)
  4. Firefox 46.0 APK Android (Updated: May 4, 2016)
  5. Firefox 45.0.2 APK Android (Updated: April 27, 2016)
  6. Firefox 44.0.2 APK Android (Updated: April 20, 2016)

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