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Developer: Vine Labs Version: 5.30.0 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free

Vine APK

August 4, 2016
Detail & Review
Change log
  • Since Vine APK 5.30.0 is exists, the user is increasing pretty much. Before this is launched, it is only available in IOS. Now you can enjoy them right on your Android smartphone. There are so many aspects that makes this app is really attractive. The name might often be heard by the user of smartphone. However there are just the curious people who are installing and browse every video inside. This app is actually intended for giving the entertainment video that are created by the user and delivered for the other users. It means that Vine is dedicated to be the entertainment network of audio and visuals. Every user of Vine is available to browse, create and even remix their vine to be the perfect one. Once you finished the vine video, just upload it and see people’s response.

    It makes every moment are recordable especially if the moment is really special and even worth to watch. There are also some moments that are categorized to some specific genres. You can find anything includes comedy, dance, and sports and so on. To check the other user videos, you can follow them and watch the entire video that has been posted. Vine is categorized to the app that never makes the user fell so bored.

    Besides creating your own video with short duration, you can also take a look at the other videos from the society. If you feel that the video is pretty fun, you can share them through your social media such as Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter as well. Your Vine profile can be your own stage where you can show anything that is interesting and entertaining. Be the trendsetter here and find your passion. Vine for Android is a very good app that is really needed to be used as personal video show, business and even the corporate needs.

    Vine APK Features and Details for Android

    • Check out Explore to discover the best of Vine.
    • Share Vines you enjoy by Revining them or posting to social networks like Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr.
    • Make your own Vines and share them on the world’s biggest stage. Your post may go viral or start the next big trend!
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  • Latest Version Vine APK 5.30.0

    • Tap “Watch More” to… well… watch more! Rotate your phone to view in widescreen.
    • Double-tap the parts you like to see hearts fly. More taps = more hearts!
    • For the first part of this experiment, long videos will come from a select group of creators. We plan to expand to more creators over time.