WWE SuperCard APK

Developer: 2K Games, Inc. Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

WWE SuperCard APK

July 11, 2016
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  • WWE SuperCard APK is not a card game. In Google Play Store, it is listed under sport category. This sport game uses power of WWE fighter in form of cards. You can use those cards and build a deck of powerful fighter for battle. In this addicting game, in-app purchases are available. Therefore, you will be able to enjoy certain game privilege. More than 5 million of users around the globe have already downloaded this app. Each card incorporates realistic graphics. 2K Games is the developer of this addicting game. It allows you to join WWE fight from your smartphone device. The cards of this wrestling game consist of real fighter. You can found powerful stars such as John Cena, Undertaker, the Rock, Mr. Perfect, and other famous fighters. It features over 700 cards of WWE fighters, including women fighters. You can get cards from battle or shop.

    If you want to unlock new cards, you need to combine cards that you already have. Each card has different status that will determine the victory of a battle. Collect the most powerful card and train them to make it more powerful. Receive exclusive card as a reward from winning fight in a special events. Cards available in this game are categorized in certain classes that determine its rarity and power. In order to become victorious in every battle, you need to complete your deck.

    Build a powerful fighter team that consists of five fighters. Before you go to a real battle, you can test the strength of your team by fighting against the King of the Ring. The higher your rank on this tournament, the better reward you will get. Some users who already play the game mention that it is the best combination between sport and card game. It features achievement that you will get after completing certain mission. You do not have to be worried over your gaming progress since it is integrated to Google Play Games. Therefore, you can continue playing WWE SuperCard for Android from the other android devices.

    WWE SuperCard APK Features and Details for Android

    • Fast Action – Take your five-man team online against other opponents to test your skills. Win your matches to receive new cards to add to your roster.
    • Then, Now, Forever – play as WWE current WWE SuperStars like The Undertaker, John Cena, and The Rock or with Legends like Diesel, Mr. Perfect and many, many more!
    • Customize Your Team – Discover cards of different rarities, then train or combine your cards to upgrade their levels and unlock their full potential.
    • King of the Ring – Put your deck to the test by playing in the King of the Ring tournament. In this 16 person multi-day tournament the higher you rank, the bigger the reward.
    • Expanding WWE Universe – New cards, tiers, and events are being routinely added!
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  • Latest Version WWE SuperCard APK

    • A new persistent game mode
    • Pick your battles and earn MITB briefcases
    • Collect contracts and redeem rewards
    • Stay in the know with team and event tickers
    • Train faster with “Select All” button
    • New way to earn Bouts during events
    • Earn new themed cards by cashing in contracts
    • Minor bug fixes