Developer: Mountain Lion Version: 1.26 Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free


June 27, 2016
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  • War and zombies are what you will find in Z War APK 1.26. It is the combination game between strategy and action to survive from undead beings. Zombie is always interesting genre to put on game. You are able to find a lot of game based zombie or undead human but lack of sense. These characters are the main villains and obstacle that resist your way to earn point. In this game, player will act more just killer to survive from zombie attack. It is large-scale game that requires good thinking of movement to allocate limited resource to survive. You will face resistance group or other players that keep watching and struggle to steal what you have. Player will start as killer or survivor from massive biological endemic in certain world. You meet others such as captains from military unit, researcher, or any uncontaminated human.

    You should build strong ally with them and gather resources. Moving from one place to others is not good option, so the allies have to build their own civilization. It is not easy job since many zombies will come to satisfy their hungry for fresh meats. You need to build strong and unfiltered perimeter then form fortification to defense your community. In addition, villains are not only undead being, but also act as your rivals which ready to move when anything bad happen in your turf.

    As strategy game, you have to build houses, gathering troops for securing, and other civilian works. Player can act as solo player or joint party to access more resources. When you play it online, attack may come from everywhere without definite warming. You have to stay alert, particularly from others. This game has good graphic and praise as one of the best one in zombie genre. You will enjoy more features in pain version. Furthermore, Z War for android is able to make you stay at screen for long period.

    Z War APK Features and Details for Android

    • Free to play RTS zombie strategy game.
    • Seek out a trustworthy ally and fight together alongside millions of other chiefs worldwide.
    • Build a strong, stable city to protect your allies from the flesh hungry walkers.
    • Research different technologies that will improve your resource production, reduce your building and recruiting times and increase your fighting effectiveness.
    Z War Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Z War APK 1.26

    • Be ready for cross-server events.
    • Optimize some game files structure
    • Optimized Alloy System
    • Optimized Battle Alarm
    • Add Mail translation
    • Optimized the display of system notification
    • Fix the alliance help bug.