Age of Wushu Dynasty APK

Developer: Snail Games USA Inc Version: 5.0.5 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Age of Wushu Dynasty APK

August 11, 2016
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  • For you who want to play role-playing game with ancient martial art, Age of Wushu Dynasty APK 5.0.5 is the best option. This game allows you to develop the character with certain skill set. It is going to help you mastering ancient martial art. The role-playing game that is developed by Snail Games USA Inc. offers high-resolution graphic. Most reviews related to this game mention that the graphic of the virtual world is stunning. You can enjoy the beauty of vivid ancient world in this game. The crowded city street, peaceful ambiance and challenging battlefield are comparable with PC game graphic level. The environment and places on this game is reimaged from authentic locations. This game is going to bring the player into the city of Jiangshu. At that period, the Ming Emperor is looking for the best master of martial arts. In order to fulfill his request, you need to choose one of five martial art school.

    In those schools, you can develop your skill. Be wise when choosing the school as each school teaches you different type of skill. You can use certain skill to finish mission and get the reward from it. Use the reward to purchase certain items such as weapon, armor and various stuff that you can use in the battle. As an online role-playing game, it allows you to interact with other players. The PVP feature is obviously available in this game.

    In the city full of assassins and heroes, you cannot defeat your mighty enemy all by yourself. You can also team up with other player or co-op combat to defeat the same enemy. The most popular feature on this game is the arena battle. It allows you to be the champion of Jiangshu. Age of Wushu Dynasty for Android is not only offers the opportunity to master ancient martial art, but also to be the ultimate champion.

    Age of Wushu Dynasty APK Features and Details for Android

    • Enter a Stylized World set in Ancient China
    • Struggle for Power with 4 Schools
    • Heart-pounding Revolutionary Combat
    • Challenge Rivals in PvP
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  • Latest Version Age of Wushu Dynasty APK 5.0.5

    • All new 25V25 Faction War (lv. 50 required)
    • Start Jianghu adventure with 6 unique pets (lv.50 required)
    • New Treasure Refinement to gain powerful attributes
    • New “Find Resources” function added to get rewards for some of yesterday’s uncompleted events.
    • Bug fixes and optimizations to existing system