Walking War Robots APK

Developer: Pixonic LLC Version: 1.6.0 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Walking War Robots 1.6.0 APK for Android

July 21, 2016
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  • This is old version Walking War Robots 1.6.0 apk for Android, you can install it if you want to downgrade or install old app. It is top Action apps from Pixonic LLC.

    There is no comprehending instructions that will guide you during the game, but only a simple tutorial. The rules of this game are not difficult. You can win the game by two ways: successfully seize and authorize all bases in war arena or kill all robots of the rival team. There are five bases that can be subdued and each team has 6 players. If you win the game, you will get the reward of game cash.

    This cash can be used to upgrade your robot or even to buy a new one. Total of robots in this game that can be purchased is 11 items. However, you can buy the robots if you have increased the level. So, if you want to change your robots or get the upgrades, you need not only the cash, but also achieving the specific level. Walking War Robots for Android is the best game for you who really love to play action game with your smartphone.

    Walking War Robots APK Features and Details for Android

    • 18 battle robots with different strengths;
    • more than 20 weapon types, including ballistic missiles, energy and plasma guns. What will you choose?
    • many possible combinations of robots and weapons. Create a war machine to fit your own play style;
    • create your own clan and lead it to glorious victories;
    • join epic PvP battles against rivals from all over the world;
    • complete military tasks for bonuses and earn the Best Pilot title.
    Walking War Robots Screenshot 1
  • Previous version of Walking War Robots 1.6.0 APK

    • Updated Yamantau map design
    • Updated Golem design
    • Minor bug fixes
    • Carnage ability cooldown reduced by 10 s
    • EP Magnum firing speed decreased by 10%
    • KwK 448mm speed of shells increased by 45%
    • Fujin and Raijin special ability animation decreased to 2 and 3s respectively
    • Revised speed of several heavy and medium robots