World of Tanks Blitz APK

Developer: Wargaming World Version: Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

World of Tanks Blitz APK for Android

July 27, 2016
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Change log
  • This is old version World of Tanks Blitz apk for Android, you can install it if you want to downgrade or install old app. It is top Action apps from Wargaming World.

    Moreover, you can see the stunning detail when you play the game. Besides the refined graphic, you can also enjoy the realistic sound effects of tank firing. It provides several features and game mode. This game allows you to play seven players versus seven players. There are three countries involved in the warfare. Each country produces different types of tanks that you can choose. A certain tank has its own benefit and detriment. For example, you can choose the mighty tank with heavy armor.

    However, the armor protecting that certain tank slows it down. Most reviewers also state that the mechanic of this game is realistic enough. When you shoot a tank, it is going to be damaged and not capable of doing counter attack. Those reviewers also wrote that the tank on this game is easy to control. You can play World of Tanks Blitz for Android by yourself to experience the excitement of being in the tank battlefield.

    World of Tanks Blitz APK Features and Details for Android

    • Over 200 iconic WW2 vehicles from nations across the world
    • 18 unique battle arenas
    • Strategic 7v7 online multiplayer
    • Free-to-win: equal access to in-game elements for everyone
    • Deep progression system: 10 tiers of tanks to unlock and explore
    • Innovative crew upgrades to enhance your tank and refine your gaming style
    • Constant updates and graphical enhancements; optimization for various devices
    • Easy to learn, intuitive touch screen controls
    • In-game chat and Clan chat functionality
    • Battle Missions that open up new, personalized challenges and let players earn bonuses and achievements
    • Clan functionality allowing players to unite in their pursuit of victory and invite their friends to play online
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  • Previous version of World of Tanks Blitz APK

    • Vineyards: a new battle arena in an Italian setting
    • Six German tank destroyers of the famous Grille 15 branch
    • Range finder and gun reload counter for the reticle
    • Oasis Palms map reworked; passwords in Training Rooms; reworked skill icons.