Pokemon Shuffle Mobile APK

Developer: The Pokemon Company Version: 1.6.0 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Pokemon Shuffle Mobile 1.6.0 APK for Android

August 11, 2016
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  • This is old version Pokemon Shuffle Mobile 1.6.0 apk for Android, you can install it if you want to downgrade or install old app. It is top Puzzle apps from The Pokemon Company.

    Beginner in this game should gather more information. It is not same with common puzzle game. Avery stage has specific point. After clearing one stage, you go to next level. Another feature is coin and gem. They are like money in real life. You spend them to buy ability, entering stage, and extra moves. Developer offers player to connect with others. Using internet, they create Pokémon trainer battle.

    The winner gets jewel and gold. You are familiar with this kind of service. Android users grow exponentially. You will find people with same interest. Developer states this game has been downloaded more than five million times. Developer sees that this number is still growing until now. With many Pokémon games out there, this game has attractive design and exciting feature. Puzzle game is not about solving level or stage, people play for fun so appearance is important. Therefore, Pokemon Shuffle Mobile for Android is your best friend on smartphone.

    Pokemon Shuffle Mobile APK Features and Details for Android

    • A whole new puzzle game where you solve puzzles to battle Pokémon
    • Lots of stages and lots of Pokémon
    • Intuitive and easy game play
    Pokemon Shuffle Mobile Screenshot 1
  • Previous version of Pokemon Shuffle Mobile 1.6.0 APK

    • A slew of new Pokémon and special skills!
    • Mission Cards that give you rewards for clearing stages with certain conditions. These rewards even include rare items like the elusive Lucarionite!
    • New Survival Mode that lets you attempt to set new records for most stages cleared in a row!