DU Battery Saver APK

Developer: DU APPS STUDIO Version: Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

DU Battery Saver APK

December 12, 2016
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  • Do you know about DU Battery Saver APK In early days of smartphone, people worried about capability. Is this phone can run high sophisticated apps? This problem is solved quickly with recent core technology. It left another problem. People worry again about battery capacity. DU Battery Saver comes in the right time. It is not any others similar apps. With this app, you can manage battery capacity into utmost level. It is like fuel efficiency in car. In order to keep smartphone running, this app put energy into right portion. Some background apps are terminated to safe much battery capacity. Henceforth, you do not have bring portable charger or reserve battery on travel. This app saves up to fifty percent battery capacity. With right setting, user can reach top level without losing smartphone capability. On preview interface, this app gives important information. There are battery current capacity, temperature, voltage, and energy consumption of running applications.

    User could pick same modes. There is Phone Cooler feature that maintain phone heat. High consumption energy on smartphone, especially android based, occurs on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth mode. You can turn them off immediately with right setting. When your battery capacity is low, some apps will be terminated quickly. All of standard configurations are available in free version. People recognize this app as top-level android application. When many battery saver apps are only good at first sight, you cannot find reliable app like this one.

    It provides real battery management. Interface is impressive. You can control it with simple touch. Precise information is useful in this system. Some apps give underlying condition on battery. You might see it still fifty percent but real condition is less. This situation never appears on DU Battery Saver. Developer offers paid version, which has more advanced features. With this app, you can go out calmly. You do not have to worry about battery usage because DU Battery Saver for android will take that task.

    DU Battery Saver APK Features and Details for Android

    • One-Click Optimization
    • Anytime Optimization
    • Accurate Status
    • Smart Pre-set Modes
    • Better Battery Details
    • Healthy Charge Stage Manager
    • Widget Included
    • Accurately Estimates Remaining Battery Time
    • Battery Monitor, clearly shows the status of battery life and usage.
    DU Battery Saver Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version DU Battery Saver APK

    • New update on Monitor: now more intuitive.
    • Now, you can get first-hand information from DU Group’s Facebook page.
    • Bugs fixed.