Dungeon Boss APK

Developer: Big Fish Games Version: 0.5.5523 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Dungeon Boss APK

June 16, 2016
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  • One of promising role-playing game for smartphone is Dungeon Boss APK 0.5.5523. As you can see from advertisement banner, this game has cute characters that keep player on screen for long time. Role-playing game is not easy to create because developer considers many aspects such as plot, character, graphic, etc. There are ton of competitors in this area, so its market is very rough. Unless developer cannot bring something new and fresh, game will turn down after several since initial release. On contrary, Dungeon Boss is not usual RPG on smartphone. Moreover, critics praise this game as genuine and fresh on role playing field. It incorporates common elements and feature, but many things can still be found in each of stages. Free version of this game is enough to fulfill your curiosity then full version will bring more enjoyable and pleasurable playing.

    At beginning, players select character to fight enemy and solve quest on specific dungeon. It is very straightforward, so new player can keep up quickly after some initial instruction. If nature elements are common on competitor, this game uses color to represent character ability. Read, green, and blue have strengthens and weakness, so be careful before fighting. Red is weak against blue that very logical because red represent fire and blue is water. After passing certain level, your character will be enhanced with additional weapon and armory.

    Player have to clear ten stage with the last one is Boss. On dungeon, player receives gold and treasure after solving quest or kill enemy. The interesting part on this game is continuity. You can keep anything has been received on previous session, though your character is over. This game is safe for children because of cute character and no extreme violence scene. Therefore, Dungeon Boss for Android is one on top options to spend your time nicely.

    Dungeon Boss APK Features and Details for Android

    • Collect Strategic Heroes – Build a team, unlock more abilities and take enemy bosses down!
    • Crush Your Enemies – Fight your way through a vast network of dungeons and rivals!
    • Guilds – Band together with your allies to compete with other guilds and amass a greater bounty together!
    • Multiply Your Fortune – Fortify your dungeon’s defense against attacks from other players, and raid their dungeons for your own gain.
    • Tower of Pwnage – Every day is a new battle! Ascend the Tower, challenge your skills and reap epic rewards at the top!
    • Tournament Events – Qualify for special tournament rewards when you earn top-tier status in ongoing events!
    • Connect with Friends – Expand your team by making friends in the game! Summon their heroes to rush into dungeons and assist your team, share tips in chat and more.
    • Quick Loot – For any 3-Star Dungeon win, you can grab loot, evos and tokens faster!
    • Evo Combining – Craft the ascension materials you need from the evos in your stable.
    • Amazing Graphics – Experience epic battles and tactical combat with immersive 3D art!
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  • Latest Version Dungeon Boss APK 0.5.5523

    • Chat Mute – now you can choose to silence the chatter!
    • Smoother server update experience for players
    • Bug Fixes & Performance updates – Find improvements on the player experience and general functionality of the game.