Exos Saga APK

Developer: Eyedentity Mobile Version: Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

Exos Saga APK

July 1, 2016
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  • RPG mobile gaming appears to be possible since Exos Saga APK is arrived to be played smoothly in any average phone type. It is one of the games that belong to RPG. Many gamers love RPG because it can face them to a lot of cases, stories and even the type of enemy to be defeated. Although you play this game on your smartphone, it does not mean that the graphic quality is not good. The game has been constructed well to afford the average minimum requirements for a phone. It is not impossible anymore to play a game that includes adrenaline. As one of the RPG game, it is acknowledged that the performance is pretty good. It comes with the spacious graphics quality. The graphic will give you an awesome experience especially in running the game and all of its visual effects in the same time. All the animation that is included here is fulfilled with the impressive animated elements.

    It is capable to bring the game into your real world. There are some missions that become the basic rule for this game. It begins with the task of every character to collect as much point as they can. 150 characters are available to choose based on your needs. You can collect item for better battle and performance. The items are in the form of special weapon as well as the items.

    With these developments you will get easier way in defeating the enemy. It is not just the ordinary RPG game that asks every player to kill as many enemies as they can. The player will also need to have strategies and even social skill. You will have the chance to create alliances, meet friends through the game as well as conducting the battle together in the same time. To ensure the skill of Exos Saga for Android, you can against the other player through the PvP arena.

    Exos Saga APK Features and Details for Android

    • Collect more than 150 characters, each with a unique battle skill!
    • Form strategic parties and take on any monster that comes your way!
    • Collect and upgrade an array of extraordinary weapons and items!
    • Meet new friends, make alliances, and battle bosses together!
    • Test your strength and compete against other combatants in arena-based PvP!
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  • Latest Version Exos Saga APK

    • New Grade SSS Added
    • New SSS Evolve Material Added
    • [Hero][Single] Spider Raid Added
    • Guild Raid Reward Changed
    • Level 7 Material of Legend Item Changed
    • Vitality Point Purchase Changed
    • HP of Guild Raid Monster Changed