Fantasy War Tactics APK

Developer: NEXON Company Version: 0.532.1 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Fantasy War Tactics APK

June 23, 2016
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  • Fantasy War Tactics APK 0.532.1 will bring you to the unusual sensation of the classic turn-based, strategic RPG. Known as a very popular game among RPG fans of Android device, Fantasy War Tactics is the blast from the past, with all the exciting gameplay of the old school RPGs and the intense story of the classic games. You will begin as a leader who will lead a legion of brave knights and wizards to take back the world from an unknown force of the old legend. Thus, the story begins unfold and the excitement of the battlefield will bring an end to the never ending battles. As a modern game with classic gameplay, you can adapt to the gameplay easily. Fantasy War Tactics have so many features for you, including the Story, World, Heroes, Battle System, and Special Contents. You will bear witness to an everlasting, good-quality story that will accompany you as you try to finish the game and see the character development of many different characters.

    In the game, you will find your place in 12 different areas and over 180 dungeon layouts, where you will know the continent of the Fantasy War Tactics universe. You can also join many events that are updated through regular internet connection. Fantasy War Tactics is full of customization, as you gather over 50 heroes with different classes and tactics to build your own legion of army. Customizing your equipment is also possible by doing alchemy on your items and equipment.

    The 3D battle system will bring the battle experience to the next level, as each character and creature has detailed graphic and different movements and skills. You can also get many unique items and characters which can be used for further customization. Finally, you can connect with your friend online to duel and challenge them. All in all, Fantasy War Tactics for Android is an impressive game for your desire on classic RPG.

    Fantasy War Tactics APK Features and Details for Android

    • Story: An immersive storyline with interactive and extensive character development
    • World: With 12 different regions and 180 dungeons, FWT delivers a rich and massive fantasy world for you to explore and exploit.
    • Heroes: Collect more than 50 Heroes and use them wisely against different types of enemies.
    • Battle System: Perfect your strategies using the detailed 3D turn-based combat system. Crush your enemies and become a master strategist and tactician!
    • Content: The game offers lots of special contents where you can get special items and heroes. It also features a co-op system in which you can sharpen your skills and challenge other players.
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  • Latest Version Fantasy War Tactics APK 0.532.1

    • The error for guild-raid boss getting reset after force closing has been fixed.
    • The error for guild-raid ranking not showing properly has been fixed.
    • The error for transcendence not being applied right away on equipped items has been fixed.
    • The error for Taiwanese texts on guild-raid results screen showing in Korean has been fixed.
    • “-“ sign when there is no guild-raid play history has been removed.
    • The error for daily contents being reset at 00:00 KST has been fixed.