Google Voice Access APK

Developer: Google Inc. Version: 1.0.1 Beta Requirement: 5.0 and up Price: Free

Google Voice Access APK

April 25, 2016
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  • Google Voice Access APK 1.0.1 Beta is the best application that allows you to control your android smartphone to do various function. Commonly, people control and navigate their smartphone by tapping the screen. This futuristic application helps the users to control their device with their voice. Some people has problem to control their smartphone due to several reason. People with handicap, tremor, paralysis, and injury are the main target for this application. If you happen to have perfectly healthy condition, you can also use this application as well. When doing your job, sometimes your hands get dirty or occupied. In such circumstance, this app is going to be helpful. The operation of Google Voice Access is quite easy. All you need to do is to download and install it from Google Play Store. You can find this accessibility application under the Tools Category.

    Once you completely install the application, you can set it. Tap the icon and say clearly the command you need to do. Here are some example of command that you can say to the icon, “open browser”, “scroll down”, “click next”, and many more. Since this application is easy to use, most reviewers with incapability of doing the conventional controls say that it is very helpful. Although the usage of this amazing application is easy, the technology used for it is very advance. First, the application receives the command you say.

    Then, the artificial intelligence translates your speech into a certain command accordingly. The Android device executes your command as the same as you tap the screen. Although the development is still in beta, the application works perfectly. If you are wondering, whether it is worth your time or not, you might want to download and install Google Voice Access for Android from the Google Play right now.

    Google Voice Access APK Features and Details for Android

    • Basics and navigation from any screen (e.g. “go back”, “go home”)
    • Gestures to interact with things on the current screen (e.g. “click next”, “scroll down”)
    • Text editing and dictation (e.g. “type hello”, “replace coffee with tea”)
    Google Voice Access Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Google Voice Access APK 1.0.1 Beta

    • Bug fixes