Developer: NEXON Company Version: 1.1.79673 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free


August 8, 2016
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  • HIT APK 1.1.79673 is going to be Nexon’s next challenge for the next level. This South Korean game developer has succeeded in launching the game in Korea. It reached a massive 5 million downloads only in Korea. Seeing the highly winning results, the publishers apparently want to be bigger player by expanding the game to the world market. Gaming industries are now very lucrative area. In 2015, it is worth $34.8 billion, and it is likely that the industries are still going strong this year and after. Just it is booming market that Nexon is going to try its luck, by presenting this game to the world audience.

    If you are fans of online games like Tera or Lineage 2, then you will find this game suits to your taste. The developer of the two popular games is the one and the same person as HIT’s, Yong-Hyun Park. With his studio, NAT Games, he developed Heroes of Incredible Tales. He promises new HIT’s players to feel unbelievably gameplay experiences that’s really fun to play and really stunning from its brilliant visual. Today’s phone incredibly high specs have enable HT developer to push its intuitiveness by building on full 3D Unreal Engine 4. The result is a truly immersive and intuitive gameplay.

    HIT is going to give a new and dazzling RPG experiences sought-after by world players. This would be your favorite slashed mobile game. If you want the cool story, great challenge, and coupled with bloody fight in time-based team play fighting, this game will be yours. The action delivered in smooth way enabling you to release your combo attack, strike down, or others far more visceral and exciting. For the more intuitiveness, you can also customize your characters based on the skill points. Therefore, if you are ready to save the earth from destruction and willing to hunt down Huge Boss Monster with your buddies, this Hit by Nexon for Android is for you

    HIT APK Features and Details for Android

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  • Latest Version HIT APK 1.1.79673

    • Maximum Level increased to 60
    • New Adventure Stage: Lune Ruins added!
    • ‘Training Ground’ system added!
    • Immortal items can be Transcended Now!
    • Magic Stones added!
    • Altar of Trials is open in Challenge Mode!
    • New Raid Boss: Aaron!