Developer: SoundHound Inc. Version: 1.4.6 Requirement: Varies with device Price: Free


July 5, 2016
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  • New way to searching on internet is using HOUND APK 1.4.6 that offer sound or voice feature. Before get to know how this app works, people should know some historical background behind app development. When search engine emerges to help internet users, it solves of most of problem because people do not have to take note on paper to record their website address. From basic text mode, this engine expands into more visually attractive type such as picture, audio and video. Looking particular picture might not be big problem today, even video. There is only one thing that lack of significant development. Sound or audio searching app does not grow like mushroom after rain. HOUND will overcome Smartphone or tablet problem in sound searching. You can dictate anything as if typing or uploading image on search engine then gets result quickly. The advantage of this app is saving time for writing long keyword on screen.

    Instead of one or two words on regular search engine, this app will take completely imperative sentence. User will feel like asking to front desk at hotel lobby or go to know-it-all person. Moreover, this app assists person who has trouble in spelling or dyslexia because it can read automatically to get direct answer. You can turn this feature off if feel unnecessary.

    Exploring sound or audio is different from capturing image or viewing video. You may listen ton of songs from various genre or heard many accents from around the world. However, sound still has many sides that wait to be explored deeply. In this app, you can ask where the cheapest restaurant with delicious food quickly then get lists about this area. Moreover, this app is like personal assistant that can answer almost everything in no time. Therefore, using HOUND for Android will reducing your time for wrong typing then enjoying the precise result.

    HOUND APK Features and Details for Android

    • Weather + Temperature
    • Local Search + Yelp Restaurants
    • Navigation (GPS) + Directions
    • Hotel Search + Expedia booking
    • Uber
    • Make phone calls and send text messages – hands-free personal assistant
    • Web searches – speak what you’re looking for instead of typing
    • Calculator – easily make quick calculations through voice commands
    • And more
    HOUND Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version HOUND APK 1.4.6

    • Bug Fixes and Improvements