Developer: HTC Corporation Version: 1.50.792952 Requirement: 5.0 and up Price: Free

HTC Boost+ APK

August 12, 2016
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  • If your HTC smartphone seems laggy, you are recommended to install HTC Boost+ APK 1.50.792952. HTC Corporation develops this application for its products. The lag on your device might be caused for several reasons. Installing to much application for your smartphone might potentially cause your RAM overwhelmed. If your phone turns laggy, you can uninstall unnecessary apps to reduce the consumption of the RAM. Alternatively, you can also install this optimization application. You can find it in Google Play Store. Since it helps you to optimize your smartphone, it is located under the Tools Category. Unfortunately, it is designed exclusively for HTC devices. Therefore, if you use the other devices, this application is not compatible. The developer of this optimization application says that it works by optimizing, fortifying, and defragmenting your smartphone.

    As it goes with any optimization application, it features three basic functions and one additional feature. It is able to clean up your junk file. Moreover, caches, temporary files, and advertisement junk can be removed in a single click. The second function is smart boost. This feature is recommended for those who use the smartphone for games or any excessive applications. The last function is app management. It helps you to uninstall rarely used application in your smartphone. The additional feature is related to the security of your smartphone content.

    It has application locking mechanism that can only be opened by the one who know the passcode. Since the passcode is needed, you need to memorize it. Locking a certain application such as gallery or social media apps helps you to protect the content from anyone else. This application is not only offer optimization for your device, but also protection at the same time. You can get four useful features in one application. HTC Boost+ for Android is recommended for HTC device user who wants to get rid of the lag and protect the content.

    HTC Boost+ APK Features and Details for Android

    • Clear junk files
    • Smart boost
    • Manage apps
    • Lock apps
    HTC Boost+ Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version HTC Boost+ APK 1.50.792952

    • Lock apps improvement