Opera Max APK

Developer: Opera Version: 1.7.8 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

Opera Max APK

April 22, 2016
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  • Opera Max APK has been updated to 1.7.8. Browsing through internet using android device sometimes consume uncontrolled data usage. Most of android users having hard times on conserve the data usage of their device. If you are struggling to conserve the data usage for phone or tablet, Opera Max for Android is the app you are looking for. It was released on February 2014 in advanced countries over America and Europe. Gradually, this app launched in any other country. Now you can download it through Google Play from your android device. This article will explain the function of this app as well as how it works. This app claims to be capable of conserving more than 50% of your daily data consumption when browsing. However, how does this app works? Generally, this app works as any conventional browser for android device. The only difference it has is this app compresses the data while you are using it for browsing. As we all know, browsing to various social media that contain images and videos will use more data usage.

    Every web page accessed by user will pass the Opera proxy server. The data on those web pages are compressed before you can view it in your android device. Besides capable of compressed the data consumption of your device, Opera Max for Android is also capable of controlling the data consumption used through wireless internet connection. It also has useful feature for browsing.

    The feature is able to block several apps that consume plenty of your data. The data conserved by this app, including the data used for any apps that use many data can be viewed directly from your screen app. Based on the several test conducted on Opera Max, there is a significant resolution of images and videos on web pages. However, this process does not slow down the speed to access those pages.

    Opera Max APK Features and Details for Android

    • Watch more videos on YouTube & Netflix
    • More music on the go
    • Data management
    • Block apps & prevent data leakage
    • Track & save data on both Wi-Fi and mobile
    • Private and secure
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  • Latest Version Opera Max APK 1.7.8

    • Tablet layout support
    • New languages added to the UI: Arabic, Urdu, Persian and Hebrew