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Developer: ELECTRONIC ARTS Version: Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

SimCity BuildIt APK

December 12, 2016
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  • Finally, the SimCity BuildIt APK is available. Now, you can download the game and install it right away. This popular game is categorized into a simulation game. This simulation game is one of the best Electronic Art games that you can play on your smartphone. However, the original of the game is started as PC game in the early 1980. Your creativity is the most important thing to play this game. You can explore your creativity by build parts of the city to make your citizen happy. The graphic on this game is quite decent. You can get the addiction when you play this game. In this simulation game, you will be playing as the governor for a city. The game begins by build a city out of desolate area. Your goal is to turn this certain desolate area into a big metropolitan city. In order to fulfill that goal, you need to build the necessary infrastructure of a city in the empty land plot.

    First, you have to build a factory to produce metal and wood as the building material. Before you build in excitement, you need to remember a simple rule on this game. The building should be build close to the road. Fortunately, you can build the road easily by swipe the screen. Being governor is not only building the necessary infrastructure of the city.

    There are plenty jobs waiting ahead of you. You are also need to make your citizens happy. You need to fulfill their daily needs. It is important for a city to have power plant, water treatment facility, park, and other stuff. Besides the material, to build those infrastructures, you are also need money. The SimCity BuildIt has unique system for money collection. If your citizens happy, the will give you more taxes. Alternatively, you can sell the building material from the factory.

    SimCity BuildIt APK Features and Details for Android

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  • Latest Version SimCity BuildIt APK

    • The Summer of Sports, where starting July 28 you can customize your city when groups of sports venues are released every week for 4 weeks, including parks, beach, mountain, and entertainment venues
    • Personal rank in Contest of Mayors, where you can get Platinum Keys and Golden Tickets with level ups
    • 10% more game area and safe storage for specialization buildings