Tahu Bulat APK

Developer: Own Games Version: 5.5.3 Requirement: 2.3 and up Price: Free

Tahu Bulat APK

August 23, 2016
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  • Idea comes from somewhere unexpected and this fact makes Tahu Bulat APK 5.5.3 more interesting. It is plain two-dimension game that use simple but attractive story. Based on data from app store, this game places on top ratings and becomes the game with the most downloaded numbers. If you are not familiar with the words Tahu Bulat APK, go search immediately because it relates to something delicious. Developer of this game has put some updates recently to fix any trouble when playing and enhance music quality. You can enjoy this interesting game at any time on smartphone or tablet. How to play this game? Player can act as seller and serve customer who want to buy tahu bulat. It is combination between cooking style and a little bit arcade type.

    After selling several numbers of products, player’s point and money will get raised. You can use them to improve product with new recipe then increase the price. It has to be side by side with quality because customer will go away when the product is not satisfied. In this game, you learn how to be street food seller who competes to satisfy customer. Another interesting feature is the promotion. Player is able to use ad to attract more customers to buy the product. Moreover, you have to sell food on street using customized vehicle. When you have enough money, you can add accessories or upgrade the vehicle design.

    It will affect directly to selling result. This game is popular in Indonesia and becomes the major hit on app store. You can download the free version to play basic or in-app mode to get the full features. The graphic is simple yet superb, compared to other games in the same class. There is cloud saving service and guideline before playing. When you finish it, this feature will save your playing history and achievement. If you look for unusual game but with interesting story, tahu bulat for android should be on your top list.

    Tahu Bulat APK Features and Details for Android

    • Selling out tahu bulat is easy: simply tap on the screen
    • Set-your business, invest the benefits achieved
    • Enhance equipment to cook and sell
    • Replace the car and give accessories to attract buyers
    • Promote the Business Know Round, bring a new type of buyer!
    • Fever Know, get profit doubled
    • Leaderboard, be the best!
    • Achievements!
    Tahu Bulat Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Tahu Bulat APK 5.5.3

    • Bug Fixing