Taichi Panda Heroes APK

Developer: Snail Games USA Inc Version: 1.5 Requirement: 2.3.3 and up Price: Free

Taichi Panda: Heroes APK

June 5, 2016
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  • You can become both cute and terrifying with Taichi Panda: Heroes APK 1.5. As an online RPG for your Android device, this game delivers an exciting experience for your gaming needs. Take part in an epic adventure as a mysterious Panda who’s an expert in martial art and assemble a group of legendary and powerful heroes, all with different skills and uniqueness. More heroes are gathered, and you’re more than ready to explore the wonder of the magical world that must be protected from the terror of monsters and evil natures. Of course, Taichi Panda will promise you the wide and exciting world of the online RPG. Indeed, it is a very wide online RPG that has a very fun open world RPG sensation. You will play in an adventure and walk across the forest, mountain, and dungeons, all while facing the never ending threats from your foes.

    Combining the strength of each party member, the strategy of winning involves watching every skill and progress carefully and switching characters in time of need. Clearly, Taichi Panda demands you, the player, to be a keen observer and strategist to fight your way to achieve world peace. There are still more surprise from this game that awaits you. As a game for Android, Taichi Panda delivers a fascinating graphic comparable to many PC games. This means every detail of the background, character, and animation is rendered beautifully.

    Being an online RPG, you can also take part in battles against other players. An online arena exists to challenge every player around the world and see who has the best team of all. Many bonuses and secrets are waiting to be unlocked, and it is up to you and the team to uncover them all. Taichi Panda: Heroes for Android is indeed fun and unforgettable.

    Taichi Panda: Heroes APK Features and Details for Android

    • Return to the Stunning Taichi World
    • Command your Army of Heroes
    • Explore the Far Corners of the Land
    • Join Allies for Legendary Action
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  • Latest Version Taichi Panda: Heroes APK 1.5

    • Bug fixes