The Battle Cats APK

Developer: PONOS Version: 5.2.2 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

The Battle Cats APK

August 1, 2016
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  • For you who love cat so much, you need to play The Battle Cats APK 5.2.2. The story line behind this game is about several weird-shape cats that rampage across the world. Ponos, the developer of this game is successfully creating a simple game that take the heart of cat lovers. Despite the simple graphic and animation of this game, you can still feel the challenge of each stage. Generally, this fascinating game is categorized as casual game. However, the game play is similar to castle defense type of game. You need to destroy the opponent tower and protect your own by unleash your cat collection to do the work. As it goes for any tower defense games, the player is supplied by money as the main resource periodically. By using the money, you can easily evolve your cat or upgrade your tower. The cats on this game have weird shape and distinctive ability.

    Before you decide to attack your opponent tower, you need to be selective choosing your cats. The tower features cat cannon. This certain cannon have ability to shoot the opponent cats at close range. You need to lure them close to your tower before you fire the cannon. However, there is a cool down effect on the cannon. You can only fire the cannon once or twice in every battle. This casual game utilizes map system and energy system. Each map has unique tower with distinctive enemy. A certain tower has giant boar you need to take care of.

    As you play the map, cat with special ability will unlock. It definitely makes the game more challenging. Moreover, it also utilizes energy system. Each battle consumes energy. The energy will restore after certain period. If you happen to be a cat lover and like to play fascinating game, the Battle Cats for Android is the perfect game for you.

    The Battle Cats APK Features and Details for Android

    • Super Simple Battle System
    • Just tap on the Cat you want to fight for you! Oh, and maybe fire the Cat Cannon once or twice.
    • Take down the enemy base!
    • Super Simple Levelling System
    • Use the XP you get from clearing stages to level up the Cats! Once they hit level 10, it’s evolution time!!
    • Super Simple Fun! The Battle Cats
    The Battle Cats Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version The Battle Cats APK 5.2.2

    • Bug Fixes