World Chef APK

Developer: socialpoint Version: 1.27.3 Requirement: 4.0 and up Price: Free

World Chef APK

August 19, 2016
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  • After succeeded with its two previous games, the Monster Legends and the Dragon City, now SocialPoint comes again with its newest game World Chef APK 1.27.3. This is a resource management game that will allow you to run your own restaurant. Here, you will be led to manage every single aspects of this eating place such as giving it a name, hiring chefs to work in it, putting some decorations, doing financial management, and others. Interestingly, all of these aspects will effect on the profits that your restaurant has. And when it turns down, you should do your best shoot to make it back again, just like the real restaurant owner. Here, you will start the game by managing a little restaurant with only a few employees and customers. Then you can expand this business by serving nice dish and making your restaurants more attractive with some decorations. By doing it, more customers will come into your eating place, including famous people such as celebrities.

    From these visits, you can collect more money that can be used to grow your own restaurant. So, use this money wisely to afford more decorations, buying some ingredients, build the restaurants to be bigger, or even to hire more employees and also professional chef from across the country. But, one thing that should be remembered is your business is not a fast restaurant here.

    Customer will easily know that a food is well-cooked or not. So, consider cooking the dish slowly by following the right instruction on the recipes. Further, once you run out of profits, you can do trading of several recipes of yours with other chefs. In addition, connecting with some friends though facebook, Google Play, or game center will also be beneficial to get more boosts. If you have interest in running your own restaurants, you can learn it first by downloading World Chef for Android freely.

    World Chef APK Features and Details for Android

    • Create, customize and run your own fine dining restaurant!
    • Buy fresh ingredients and cook increasingly delicious dishes.
    • Serve your finest cuisine to clients from all around the world!
    • Trade your best recipes with other chefs!
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  • Latest Version World Chef APK 1.27.3

    • They have finally arrived: The VIPs! Now you can invite celebrities to your restaurant, but note that they are demanding! You’ll have to do your best to satisfy them.
    • There’s a new progression track! Gather Popularity points to be able to unlock special features, upgrades, and collections of VIPs.
    • Discover the Design Studio! You will be able to craft exclusive decorations for free! Don’t wait another minute to open it!