DragonVale APK

Developer: Backflip Studios, Inc. Version: 3.8.2 Requirement: 4.0.3 and up Price: Free

DragonVale APK

July 21, 2016
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  • Feeling bored? Well, there is no worse time since DragonVale APK 3.8.2 is launched to be played incredibly through your smartphone. You are able to have so many varieties of cute and amazing virtual dragons as your loveable pets in your smartphone. This game lets you collect over than 250 different varieties of dragons if you could hatch them well. It is a really great way to have enjoyable experiences to care your dragons until they hatch from eggs and becoming the loveliest dragons of yours. Anyway, you have to feed them well for helping them grow, so they are able to reach the specific greatness which is different for each type of dragon. By the way, you are even able to let your dragons follow such events like fun races, contests, and quests for getting epic rewards and prizes. While growing up your dragons, you could even build the chic and lovely floating isles in the sky as well as for having the real ultimate garden sky of your own.

    In any special seasonal events, there are also new decorations, new activities and even new dragons available to be claimed as yours. Well, the latest update version of this game already updated on last June 6th 2016. There are several new features available for you when you got this installed game in your smartphone updated. The new features are the wonky spell by the witches and wizards to fix the magical powering of the Stage Tower in Dragon Vale.

    Besides, there are also squashed bugs that could be captured and released without any harms while playing this adorable game. However, If you are a newbie who wants to install this game to your phone, just make sure that you are using at least the 4.0.3 version. Downloading this game also would bother you at all because the file size is only 46 MB. So, are you ready to play DragonVale for android start now on?

    DragonVale APK Features and Details for Android

    • Breed and raise 250+ different dragons. Match, hatch, and show off your stash!
    • Build and decorate beautiful floating islands in the sky to create your ultimate park. Your park, your dragons, your DragonVale!
    • Harvest dragon treats, then feed your dragons so they can grow and achieve their Dragonly greatness
    • Enter your dragons in fun races, quests, and contests to win epic prizes. Let the Dragoning begin!
    • Discover new dragons, decorations and activities during special seasonal events.
    • Browse the Dragonarium to keep track of all the dragons you’ve collected and which you’ve yet to breed.
    • Impress your family and friends by displaying your park and sharing your favorite dragons for cooperative breeding!
    • Visit friends’ parks and give each other gifts.
    • Spectacular visuals and sparkling animations accompanied by an original soundtrack written by our award-winning composer.
    • Play DragonVale today! It’s free.
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  • Latest Version DragonVale APK 3.8.2

    • One of the potions powering the Parade Gardens was missing an ingredient and causing strange behavior, but the Potions Master fixed it!