Turbo Dismount APK

Developer: Secret Exit Ltd. Version: 1.21.0 Requirement: 4.1 and up Price: Free

Turbo Dismount APK

June 15, 2016
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  • Have you ever play Turbo Dismount APK 1.21.0 before? It is one of the greatest games that use the concept of crash simulator. If you are ever playing the game in the bigger console, you must know how fun the game will be. The rise of the game in the smartphone has made many people are curious about the experience in playing the mobile version. With this game, you will be able to have death defying motor stunts and the disappointing activities like crashing through the wall is also available to be done. Some other craziness which offered here is the capability of making the traffics pile up. All these part of the game are fun to be played. The basic story comes from Mr. Dismount. He has a car that pretty good to love the owner. With the similar concept in the bigger console, this game has lot of features to be enjoyed.

    The presence of effect including crash physics is very impressive and visual for everyone. It is one of the features which are most waited. All the crash sounds are pretty good and it give you the willing to do another crash. Almost every movement is available to be played in slow motion. It gains the good looking and dramatically effect. In order to complete the experience of the player, you will also be able to get multiple vehicles such as skateboard, trucks, cars, and many other big sized vehicles.

    Every step you achieve will bring you to the next level. Higher level will offer you more obstacle type as well as different characters. In improving the performance, you can even custom the character you play. Even the vehicles are capable to be customized with your own photo. Have a game controller? Just plug them to your smartphone and enjoy the game. Turbo Dismount for Android also contains leader board that records every achievement you made.

    Turbo Dismount APK Features and Details for Android

    • Flinch-inducing crash physics
    • Crunchy sound effects
    • Delicious slow-mo replay system
    • Multiple vehicles: cars, trucks, construction vehicles, a skateboard…
    • Multiple levels, obstacle types and characters
    • Tweak levels to your liking!
    • Customize your character and the vehicles with your own photos!
    • Game controller support!
    • Leaderboards and achievements
    • Smooth full resolution 4x MSAA visuals on SHIELD Tablet
    Turbo Dismount Screenshot 1
  • Latest Version Turbo Dismount APK 1.21.0

    • A new level bundle “Law and Disorder” with four new levels: The City Heights, Highway Patrol, Hornets’ Nest and Roadblock Bridge
    • A new FREE level: The Getaway
    • Performance improvements and fixes